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"Jeopardy!" contestant James Holzhauer has marked another major milestone on the game show.
Fox News
Keya Morgan, a former business manager for the late Stan Lee, was arrested Saturday morning in Arizona after being charged in Los Angeles County with elder abuse involving the Marvel icon, authorit…
Anita Bennett, Anita Bennett
CANAAN, N.H. – The mother of a New Hampshire high school student who received free food from a lunchroom worker told a local newspaper that her son is not a needy child. Speaking anonymously to the Union Leader earlier this week, the mother said, "I have th…
President Trump, in his first day of a four-day visit to Japan, said in Tokyo on Saturday that the country has a “substantial” trade over the U.S. -- and that he hopes a future trade agreement will rebalance the situation.
Fox News
Adam Shaw
A federal judge who partially blocked President Trump’s plans to build a border wall along the United States-Mexico border previously donated almost $30,000 to former President Obama, other Democrats, and a political action committee.
The talks are aimed at strengthening both companies’ competitiveness in Europe and other parts of the world, a person familiar with the discussions said.
The New York Times

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