by Treendly Team
January 7, 2020

We are tracking week by week what consumers are searching for during the COVID-19 emergency.
Here is a video analysis of what we found, and a product case study:

We found that people went from searching for keywords related to protection (sanitizier, anti-viral masks, immunity boosters, ..) to searching keyword related to essentials (yes, toilet paper was searched a lot) to searching for DIY ways to make them (for example, diy masks, how to make shampoo at home, ..).

Then, we have also seen an increment in solitary fitness like hiking and running.

Finally, people are now at home and searching for ways to work better (everything related to remote working, or smart working as they call it in certain countries) and ways to entartain themselves, their kids or staying in touch with their families (hello, social distancing!)

Check Coronavirus trends.

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