by Treendly Team
Jun 3, 2020

Phunware Inc (PHUN) is a fully integrated cloud-platform mobile company that provides products data and services for various brands worldwide. Their shares shot up 49.3% after the provider announced the partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise on a mobile healthcare solution. The two companies intend to integrate Phunwares multiscreen-as-a-service offering to enable hospital patients, staff, and visitors to engage with a location-based service that will help them navigate through 1.8 million squares of medical facilities. 

Evofem Biosciences Inc (EVFM) is a small-cap biotech company whose shares rose by 42.5 % because of its new product that FDA approved. This approval is immensely positive for a small-cap company because it opens market doors to Evofem’s new product – a novel contraceptive pill that is predicted to have $440 million in annual sales in the U.S. by 2024. This pill prevents pregnancy by changing vaginal pH so that it becomes hostile to sperm, making it the first non-hormonal contraceptive pill FDA approved after almost 30 years. They are planning to commercialize Phexxi pill this year and launch it in areas less affected with coronavirus and expect a full growth until 2024. 

AstraZeneca (AZN) is a pharmaceutical giant lately known for its revolutionary cancer-treatment medicine called Tagrisso. AstraZeneca stocks climbed 3.5% after the announcement of positive results in the Phase 3 trial of their lung cancer treatment. They researched patients with specific genetic mutations, and it resulted in 80% of Tagrisso patients being cancer-free. When AZN revealed their study in April, it became clear that its results are nothing less than staggering since more than 83% of patients were alive and in remission. 

Due to coronavirus pandemic rent-a-car company, Hertz Global (HERTZ) had to lay off 12,000 workers and has about $19 billion debt with 700,000 vehicles idled. In March they have realized that their situation might become critical and lead them to liquidity issues. Even with the slow reopening of the economy, as lockdowns beginning to lift, social distancing measures may continue for months. As a result, company revenues could decline by about 75 % in 2020 and their stocks are going down with stock price plunging under $1 per share. The bottom line, Hertz’s cash flows are insufficient to cover its debt obligations and with that in mind, some predict that Hertz will end this year with a cash balance of $-0.5 billion. 

XpresSpa’s stock soars on record after signing a big contract with JFK airport for COVID-19 testing sites. XSPA is operating as a health and wellness service experts working with airports and providing wellness services. On JFK they will be building testing facilities that will be able to manage 500 tests per day. This testing service will be reserved for airline employees with a plan to offer it to TSA officers and U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents. XSPA stock was vaulted 84% higher after this big announcement and their trading volume spiked to 178 million shares. 

Luckin Coffee Inc (LK) stock plunged more than 30% after The Wall Street Journal published a detailed report that connected the company’s controlling shareholder to its accounting scandal. In 2019 there was a voucher scheme that helped to fabricate as much as $42 million in sales and now since there is an investigation on the ways it might lead to terrible ramifications for company investors. Luckin’s stock prices continue to descend, and it will stop when they reach $0 and by that time all investors will suffer from brutal losses.

Indivior PLC (INVVY) is a global pharmaceutical company working to make medicine that helps treat addiction and mental illness. Their stock went down for nearly 6% and there was a steep fall in quarterly profits since the company is facing a $3 billion fine under criminal charges pressed by the United States for an illegal marketing campaign on their new opioid addiction treatment. Their stock diminished gradually in the past year over fears of cheaper competition and any forecast on Indivior stock is still impossible to make. 

Transportation and Logistics Systems Inc (TLSS) is a leading logistic and eCommerce fulfillment for some of the world's leading retailers. TLSS stocks went down for 44.85% due to substantial debt and an operating loss of $20,291,000 that was tripled compared to last year. The company has taken measures to improve its current balance as well as cost structure that almost doubled the revenue hoping to improve its finance by the end of this year. 

Biocept Inc. (BIOC) is a commercial provider of molecular tech designed to provide physicians with diagnostic information to improve the outcomes of patients with cancer. They have started this year with a commercial launch of a liquid biopsy test for lung cancer called Target Selector that proved to be very efficient in early cancer detection. However, BIOC stock soared 2.28%, and buying shares is risky but it might pay off. 

Spotify Technology’s stock is on a roll this year. It reports earnings growth in the first quarter despite an immense economic slowdown due to coronavirus pandemic. Spotify has reported constant new subscriber incline and in three consecutive quarters, it got a 30% increase in new subscriptions. Since January 2020, Spotify’s stock is steadily growing and now is at 1.95% with a tendency for long-term growth. The newest acquisition of The Joe Rogan’s Experience series will strengthen their positions since this show is No.1 most successful podcast according to Forbes and it is already bringing Rogan more than $30 million per year. 

For some time, it was trendy to invest in cannabis stocks as they were paying off quickly. In the past two years, marijuana stocks have been on a steep decline and were underperformers on Wall Street. Aurora Cannabis (ACB) has been a popular stock and its favorable among millennials, however, they have started losing money and its stock lost 84% of its value. That is why ACB continued to issue common stocks to raise capital and even halted the construction of their biggest projects so far. Unfortunately, Auroras quarterly results do not look promising, since the product is not a big money spinner to make them recuperate fast enough.  

The Covid-19 outbreak brought waves of new users to the Zoom Video Communications platform since every company needed a reliable platform for meetings. This led to a stock growth of 1.77% as this platform had a staggering 200 million daily meeting participants. Zoom stock were sold for $36 more than in its 2019 initial public offering and there is no doubt that the trend will continue in 2020. 

If there is a company that might be an intriguing choice for stock markets, its Etsy, Inc stock. Etsy engages in the management of an online creative marketplace that offers hand-made products, art, and accessories. During the Coronavirus pandemic, it demonstrated immense growth, but it was hidden by low-volume trading. Its digital products stand out on the market and attract an increased number of new customers that will generate an upward growth arch by the end of 2020 since Etsy’s stocks are now on the slow rise with 2.67% that will continue in the future.