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New, curated trends

Read, at your own pace, about rising trends we have discovered across different industries. Basically, pre-curated Google Trends on steroids.

Search a keyword, in any country

Search a topic or keyword in any region and immediately get an understanding of the type of trend and its seasonality.

Related keywords

For any topic, explore related keywords that people are searching on popular websites. There's always a new trend around the corner!


See which industries are growing and which declining.

Collections & Case Studies

Understand trends in specific industries by reading occasional in-depth blog posts we write.

Monitor a keyword over time

Track how a keyword/topic performs over time and be alerted when it begins trending. As often as weekly.

Build your own private library of trends

Do your own research and manage your keywords in your own dashboard. Trends you discover are exclusively available to you.

Forecasting beta

See how a trend will likely perform in the next 6 months.

Who uses Treendly?

E-commerce owner

E-commerce store owners and dropshippers use Treendly to analyze the seasonality of new products to sell.

Our data also helps merchants negotiate better deals with their suppliers before they realize they have a trending product.

SEO expert

SEO experts integrate Treendly in their research process to find new keywords no one else is covering yet.

Venture capitalist

VCs use Treendly to stay on top of companies trends and spot new opportunities. Data can guide their decisions in narrowing down where to focus their funds/efforts.


Marketers use Treendly to get insights into “hot rising” related queries, and, terms that show trending changes in consumer interest.


Affiliates with niche sites and blogs, use Treendly to start writing about rising trends before everyone else and dominate the market.

Business owner

If you are required to stay on top of trends in your job, Treendly is probably useful for you. Getting in early is key these days and already within a few minutes you can find a trend worth exploring.

Software entrepreneur

Cart, a competitive intelligence tool for e-commerce, uses our APIs to offer their users the ability to track product trends.

Your competitive advantage

Big companies are modern Goliaths. They have a huge advantage over you: data. Not only yours. Everyone else's, too.

Think about this: if you're Amazon, you can spot trends easily. You have everyone's sales data from the marketplace.

If you're a small company, unless you just happen to have a trendy product on hand, and someone just happened to have found you, you may never even realize that a trend existed around that product.

Being alerted that there is a sudden demand for a product, might give you a headstart on marketing.

Getting in early is key these days and, just in a few minutes on our platform, you can find a new trend that's worth exploring.

We want you to be David and Treendly to be your sling.
David vs Goliath