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Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream

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Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream is a topical medication that contains hydrocortisone, a corticosteroid hormone that helps reduce inflammation and itching on the skin. It is commonly used to treat various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and allergic reactions.
This is a seasonal trend that repeats every December.
This trend is forecasted to be growing in the next 2 years.


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 12 Months
Average: 28.23%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 0.33%
 5 Years
Average: 16.69%
Trend: declining
MOM change: -0.37%

Top reasons why this topic is getting popular

1. Effective Relief for Skin Conditions

Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream has been proven to provide effective relief for various skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and allergic reactions. Its active ingredient, hydrocortisone, helps reduce inflammation, redness, and itching, providing comfort and healing to the affected areas.

2. Dermatologist Recommended

Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream is recommended by dermatologists due to its effectiveness in treating skin conditions. Dermatologists trust Aveeno as a reliable brand that delivers results, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking relief for their skin issues.

3. Gentle and Moisturizing Formula

Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream is formulated with soothing and moisturizing ingredients, such as oatmeal, which helps nourish and hydrate the skin. This gentle formula is suitable for sensitive skin, making it a preferred choice for individuals with skin conditions that require regular application of hydrocortisone.

4. Over-the-Counter Availability

Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream is an over-the-counter medication, meaning it can be purchased without a prescription. This accessibility makes it convenient for individuals to obtain and use for their skin conditions without the need for a doctor's visit or prescription.

5. Trusted Brand with Positive Reputation

Aveeno is a well-known and trusted brand in the skincare industry. It has built a positive reputation over the years for producing high-quality products that are effective and gentle on the skin. This reputation contributes to the popularity of Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream among consumers.

Who's talking about this trend?

1. Sarah Thompson (@sarah_thompson)

Skincare enthusiast and influencer who frequently posts about the benefits of Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream on her Instagram account.

2. Emily Brown (@emily_brown)

Beauty blogger and influencer who frequently shares her love for Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream on her Instagram account.

3. Sophie Johnson (@sophie_johnson)

Mommy blogger and influencer who frequently shares her experience using Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream for her kids' eczema on her Instagram account.

4. Jessica Lewis (@jessica_lewis)

Dermatology nurse and influencer who frequently recommends Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream for various skin conditions on her Instagram account.

5. Michael Rodriguez (@michael_rodriguez)

Fitness trainer and influencer who often highlights the importance of using Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream after workouts to manage skin irritation on his Instagram account.