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Bosch Appliances

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General search term. Might be referring to bosch appliances.

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... training or work experience on Bosch appliances. My 33 years of training... and Kenmore 790. Hopefully a Bosch tech will see your thread ..., you'll need to contact Bosch at 1-800-944-2904 ...to have a Bosch tech come out to see ...
Published in McMullen Valley, Arizona on 2020-10-07 in the Ranges/Ovens forum
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New house 7 years ago, so had to buy everything, all Bosch appliances except the fridge freezer(not American) which is Samsung which is the only thing we've had problems with (twice). If we were flush we would have possibly gone for Miele, have one of their hoovers and it's way better than a Dyson.
Published on 2020-08-14 in the Food forum
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... often people have asked about Bosch vs Miele and overwhelmingly Miele... be comparing a top end Bosch vs a top end Miele... kitchen and putting in integrated appliances, upgrading from my current freestanding..., or mid-upper end Bosch or Siemens appliances.Comparing entry level to... be had buying a few appliances at once instead of ad...
Published on 2020-10-25 in the Homes, Gardens and DIY forum
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... all, We sold all our appliances with our past house and... kitchen appliances, so far, we are tempted to go with all Bosch... than this. Fridge: https://www.bosch-home.ca/en/productlist/refrigerators...-bottom/B36CT80SNS Range: https://www.bosch-home.ca/en/productlist/cooking...-ranges/HII8056C  Dishwasher: https://www.bosch-home.ca/en/productlist/dishwashers...
Published on 2020-10-21 in the Appliances forum
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we got all bosch appliances and are very happy with them. however they are very pricey
Published on 2020-08-01 in the r/Homeowners forum
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