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Glass Top Stove Cleaning

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The last time it peaked, it began growing on July 19 2020 and has yet to reach its peak, increasing by 39% in the span of 14 days.

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... but my wife has a glass top stove and uses a cast iron... quite often. She keeps her glass top immaculate cleans it after every... once a week with the stove top cleaner with a bit of... years old now and the top looks as good as the.... It is an LG self cleaning stove. I did a lot of... years ago and the LG stove received excellent marks. It was...
Published on 2020-06-28 in the General Bullshit forum
This discussion is in English.
...Posted by GinSoaked If the stove burns really hot then use...easier to burn out. The stove is probably designed to modern... including the vent for the glass cleaning so you might have to... with dirty glass. Gin, the flue is from the top , Quote; ... flue going out the top of the stove. I always clean the...is connected directly to the stove spigot and was melted. Drop...
Published on 2020-06-29 in the DIY forum
This discussion is in English.
..., easy to clean a flat glass top versus a gas range, and... of boiling/cooking, and cleaning the stove top over their old gas. -... than the previous electric cook top we used for 4 years...
Published on 2020-06-28 in the Small Talk forum
This discussion is in English.
... would have gotten a gas stove, they heat faster and the... cheaper than electric. My stove is a glass top, making it a pain..., but I don't like cleaning under the burners so it.... Our microwave is above the stove with an exhaust fan. For.... I much prefer a counter top one from GE. I'm...
Published on 2020-05-11 in the Happenings in the Hood forum
This discussion is in English.
... cast iron pan on my glass top stove just fine. But I have... not drop it on the stove and the ability to pick... issues with cast iron on glass stove tops, dragging the pan and... weight dropping onto the ceramic top . As for seasoned cast iron... wipe out the pan when cleaning and not really washing away...
Published on 2020-05-21 in the Cooking Forum forum
This discussion is in English.
... I accidentally broke the stove top while cleaning . A glass bottle tumbled out of... the cabinet and shattered the stove top ... when he saw the broken stove , he got really mad and...?? TL; DR I broke the stove on accident, and now my...
Published on 2020-07-01 in the relationship_advice forum
This discussion is in English.
For countertops, glass , mirrors, stove tops, appliances, and any other surface cleaning around the.... I love Zep Streak-Free Glass Cleaner for surfaces, sold in... small dispenser to keep on top of the the sink, refill... dry spills, for dusting, even cleaning out the upholstery and carpeting...
Published on 2020-05-31 in the Frugal Forum forum
This discussion is in English.
I have a nonstick electric skillet/pot for hurricanes (can plug into my mini generator) but it’s now the only skillet or pot that I use because I hate cleaning the glass top stove . I think the brand is Denzen, it was only like $30, and it’s saved me tons of time. Granted I did have to learn to cook with only two heat settings.
Published on 2020-07-31 in the r/preppers forum
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