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Gumroad Sam Hyde

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This year this topic peaked 9 times by more than 25%. This topic didn't peak recently.
The last time it peaked, it began growing on May 31 2020 and reached its peak on June 07 2020, increasing by 90% in the span of 7 days.

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This topic gained 7.5 percentage points on average, compared to the same period last week.

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This topic gained 0.98 percentage points on average, compared to the same period last month.

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Average: 20%

Average: 9.76%

Average: 18.15%
Trend: growing
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Average: 5.43%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 0.47%

Latest forum discussions

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... mouthing him or something and Sam just responded cordially and ethan... backtracked. Also worth noting is sam claims in a fairly recent... sperging out and incessantly spouting sam hyde memes. I can't remember... don't have a gumroad subscription to sam right now but I... said, keep in mind that sam hyde is a mentally deranged dumpster.... I was talking about this. Sam's long since peaked. &nbsp...
Published on 2020-06-01 in the Internet Famous forum
This discussion is in English.
.... anyway the problem is that sam let MDE be redefined as.... and i still watch sams gumroad and like it more than.../7 stormfag posting. i know sam likes bringing about that kind... itself in the end. the "sam hyde" project.-sent from my ipad
Published on 2020-04-16 in the MILLION DOLLAR EXTREME forum
This discussion is in English.
In the immortal words of Sam Hyde, "Early and often." World Peace - Bully Sketch Sketch from 'Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace' Support Sam: https://gumroad.com/samhyde No copyright infringement intended: All footage contained... www.youtube.com  
Published on 2020-05-04 in the General Discussion forum
This discussion is in English.
... like Sargon use Thinkspot and Sam Hyde uses Gumroad. When Dick was talking...
Published on 2020-05-06 in the Internet Famous forum
This discussion is in English.
Nofap was coomer before coomer. MDE: Stopped being good in 2014. Best work was like 2011. Thanks Computer: 2 good videos. Hyde Wars: Shill vlog garbage for his gumroad . So yes, Sam hadn't done anything good in almost ten years. This is coming from a guy who has some of his emails named after MDE shit. It's not like I don't know who he is.
Published on 2020-06-11 in the r/classic4chan forum
This discussion is in English.