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Lowes Chest Freezer

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This year this topic peaked 8 times by more than 25%. This topic is peaking now!
The last time it peaked, it began growing on July 26 2020 and has yet to reach its peak, increasing by 8% in the span of 14 days.

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This topic gained 4.42 percentage points on average, compared to the same period last month.

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Latest forum discussions

We tracked 17 total in the last 3 months

... 5cu.ft. plain ole white chest freezer to take on vacation. Great... one anywhere under $350! Hd, Lowes, Walmart, Best Buy all out...
Published in NC/SC on 2020-06-30 in the Dockside Chat forum
This discussion is in English.
..., I found my brand new chest freezer full of food had gone... of the property, strapped the freezer shut, and dragged the whole... bought a new one at Lowes. The guy who ran the...
Published on 2020-05-18 in the Outdoor Board forum
This discussion is in English.
.... All the big stores (walmart, lowes, tractor supply) were full of... never learned anything worth while. lowes in Adrian,mi has boat... is no problem getting a freezer. When I checked HD, you... see for myself. Not a chest freezer to be seen. Hudson Valley... then they will have zero chest freezers. He said Menards told... will not be any more chest freezers available until sometime in...
Published on 2020-07-18 in the General Discussion forum
This discussion is in English.
Need more freezer space, however everything is sold out due to hoarding and/or collapse of production, take your pick. Best I could do was to order an 8.8CF chest freezer from Lowes. Now just to let those 6-8 weeks for shipping slip on by
Published in Hawaii on 2020-07-07 in the The Lounge Sit back, relax and vent yer geek angst. You must be a subscriber to post in this forum. forum
This discussion is in English.
https://www. lowes .com/pd/Hotpoint-7-1-cu-ft-Manual-Defrost- Chest-Freezer -White/1001035970 You may need to call the store to order. I ordered one about 2 weeks ago and it just came in today...
Published on 2020-05-20 in the r/deals forum
This discussion is in English.
... a 10 cu/ft chest freezer I got from Lowes . I would tell... in the contents of that freezer , and if it fails during...
Published on 2020-06-19 in the r/preppers forum
This discussion is in English.
.... It was $60 cheaper at Lowes with free shipping (HD wanted... Lowes . Then on the way out, there was a single little chest freezer ... haven't seen a chest freezer anywhere for months, so needless...
Published on 2020-07-23 in the r/Homeowners forum
This discussion is in English.
...!" and opened up my freezer to realize that my food... was soon heading off to Lowes and Home Depot to pic... maybe pick up a small chest freezer ... which are completely sold out...
Published on 2020-07-13 in the offmychest Forum forum
This discussion is in English.