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Onyx Meaning

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Onyx is a type of chalcedony that is formed from quartz and is known for its black color and smooth texture. It is getting popular due to its unique appearance and various metaphysical properties.


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Top reasons why this topic is getting popular

1. Stylish and Versatile

Onyx is a stylish and versatile stone that can be used in a variety of jewelry and home decor items. Its black color makes it easy to match with any outfit or decor style, and its smooth texture adds a touch of elegance to any piece.

2. Metaphysical Properties

Onyx is believed to have various metaphysical properties, such as providing strength, protection, and grounding. It is also said to help with emotional balance and self-control, making it a popular choice for meditation and spiritual practices.

3. Affordable Alternative

Onyx is an affordable alternative to other black gemstones, such as black diamonds or black sapphires. It offers a similar look and feel at a fraction of the cost, making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.

4. Increasing Availability

As the demand for onyx grows, more suppliers are starting to offer it in their product lines. This has led to an increase in availability and a wider range of options for consumers to choose from.

5. Sustainable and Ethical

Onyx is a sustainable and ethical choice for consumers who are concerned about the environmental and social impact of their purchases. It is a natural stone that is mined in a responsible manner, and many suppliers offer fair trade options to ensure that workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage.

Who's talking about this trend?

1. Stella & Haas (@stella.and.haas)

Australian jewelry brand that features onyx stones in many of their designs.

2. Lisalovesbalayage (@lisalovesbalayage)

Hairstylist and influencer who often uses onyx as hair color inspiration and features it in her hair designs.

3. Raven Hair Trends (@raven_hair_trends)

Hair salon that frequently features onyx-inspired hair color on their Instagram feed.

4. Krystle Waivio💕 (@krystlewaivio)

Influencer who features onyx jewelry and accessories in her fashion posts.

5. Kathryn Fay (@kathryn_fay)

Influencer and jewelry designer who features onyx stones in many of her creations.