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Verizon Jetpack Plans

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This year this topic peaked 13 times by more than 25%. This topic didn't peak recently.
The last time it peaked, it began growing on August 30 2020 and reached its peak on September 06 2020, increasing by 31% in the span of 7 days.

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+ 34%

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This topic gained 34 percentage points on average, compared to the same period last week.


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This topic lost -13.6 percentage points on average, compared to the same period last month.

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Average: 80%

Average: 28.43%

Average: 55.38%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 0.1%

Average: 44.31%
Trend: growing
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...here, I am considering Verizon to supplement my AT&... going to purchase Verizon's Jetpack® MiFi® 8800L,... then add one of their "Unlimited" Plans... Visible and their affordable Plans!! I started a chat... Mobile Hotspot, nor a jetpack???? How could that be??... Thanks! Steve I have Verizon for all my phones (...I also added the Verizon MiFi 8800L Jetpack with 15GB for $...
Published in Johnston, Iowa on 2020-08-26 in the General Discussion forum
This discussion is in English.
... assume you really need the verizon network because they are normally... the most expensive. Thanks. Verizon Prepaid is cheaper then any... better then Verizon Prepaid but they only offer data only plans for...no hard data cap with Verizon Prepaid. Just slows down to... About the same as the Verizon Prepaid option. I'd rather... play into that. The JetPack 8800 from Verizon also has external antenna...
Published on 2020-07-21 in the General Prepaid discussion forum
This discussion is in English.
... Posted by THoAddict01 https://www.verizon.com/about/news/v...unlimited... talk & text Connected device plans: Unlimited $20/month: Tablets: Unlimited... 600 Kbps after Hotspot/MiFi/Jetpack: 15 GB LTE, unlimited throttled... 600 Kbps after Hotspot/MiFi/Jetpack: Unlimited 5G UWB (small ... Also the the 4G hotspot plans haven't changed so everyone...add ons to existing phone plans. The only new plan is...
Published on 2020-09-18 in the Verizon Wireless forum
This discussion is in English.
... got on Verizons unlimited prepaid jetpack plan when they offered it... well for me. Knowing how Verizon "likes to do upgrades" (end... happy that I found Verizon's unlimited data Jetpack/tablet service via... in this hollow. We have Verizon's antiquated and very slow... along with the phone data plans in the surrounding area. That...
Published in Waterford, PA on 2020-08-01 in the Verizon Wireless forum
This discussion is in English.
... have a Verizon phone with Do More or Get More? JetPack ’s.... Also the 15GB on the JetPack is in addition to the... 15GB on the JetPack. Verizon does offer data only JetPack plans , but they are...
Published on 2020-09-07 in the r/verizon/ forum
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...;m thinking of buying a jetpack and I just have a..., can I still use a Verizon Jetpack ? I'll just have... or other connected device with Verizon " at this site, correct? If... on one of those listed plans , does this mean I can...
Published on 2020-08-18 in the r/verizon/ forum
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...'s slow as fuck. Verizon 4G gets me like 2... home network solution and their jetpack plans are a joke. Luckily one...
Published on 2020-09-01 in the r/verizon/ forum
This discussion is in English.
I have a Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800 that I use occasionally for work and I have no complaints. I'm up near 183/Spicewood Springs and get speeds of ~180Mbps. I've used it in various places around town and it always works great. Couldn't tell you about plans or pricing though.
Published on 2020-09-20 in the r/Austin forum
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