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Zoom Privacy Issues

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...security researchers and privacy advocates continue to dig into Zoom’s...://protonmail.com/blog/zoom-privacy-issues/ "Zoom privacy regarding your data Zoom not only tracks... to the company’s privacy policy, Zoom collects reams of data... collected automatically by the Zoom app. In its privacy policy, under the... entry “Does Zoom sell Personal...
Published in Ontario, Canada on 2020-04-16 in the Consumerism & The Media forum
This discussion is in English.
...over the past two months, Zoom suddenly became the video meeting... With that popularity came Zoom's privacy risks extending rapidly to massive...aren't familiar with Zoom's security issues, you can start from...as more issues and fixes come to light. Intel report: Zoom could...ABC News has warned that Zoom could be vulnerable to ...://www.cnet.com/news/zoom-security-issues-zoom-could-be-vulnerable-to-...
Published on 2020-04-28 in the General Discussion forum
This discussion is in English.
... 50 people drop bomb on Zoom amid coronavirus April 24, 2020... COVID-19 pandemic has turned Zoom into everyone’s go-to.... Facebook says it has addressed Zoom privacy issues Facebook says it has built... in privacy safeguards to Rooms. When you... Connect When You’re Apart Privacy Matters: Messenger Rooms &nbsp...
Published on 2020-04-25 in the other software & services forum
This discussion is in English.
...released a notice about security issues with Zoom and other video conferencing... who acknowledged the security and privacy issues with Zoom but said so many...to ensure safety, privacy, and etiquette," Bulger said. "Zoom is not alone...the issues teachers are facing, including making all meetings in Zoom private...learning. Issues with Zoom or all video platforms? Paul Bischoff, privacy advocate with...
Published on 2020-04-08 in the THE RANT forum
This discussion is in English.
I just wanted to know about Zoom 's privacy issues ...
Published on 2020-04-12 in the r/TrollXChromosomes forum
This discussion is in Unknown.
I understand the ease of use for Zoom but in wake of privacy issues and "Zoombombing" incidents, I hope Singapore government reviews Zoom before exposing many students/office staff to privacy issues. Zoom has been banned by Taiwan, blocked by NY for schools, banned by Tesla and Boeing, and just today banned for use by Google for employees.
Published on 2020-04-09 in the r/singapore forum
This discussion is in English.
Just out of curiosity, my school might start using zoom soon and I have heard alot of negative things, what are the issues with it? I have heard alot about privacy issues but I'm still kind of confused
Published on 2020-04-20 in the r/teenagers forum
This discussion is in Unknown.
If you are sharing your screen in a call, and you alt-tab or switch off Zoom , the host receives a notification if you do so. So if you want to hide your games or your browsing, don't share a screen. Zoom is also a massive privacy concern for those who care about your data, they track you and shares your data with third parties. Source: https://protonmail.com/blog/ zoom-privacy-issues /
Published on 2020-04-10 in the r/teenagers forum
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