by Treendly Team
April 26, 2020

Some people do fun and crazy things to gain popularity on social media platforms. Interestingly some people have a unique source of income. They go to sleep ahead of other people, and then they stream themselves sleeping.

It may sound weird but some individuals are making cash from it and gaining followers.

Why the trend?

Most of the TikTok users have realized that they can gain followers and make money by falling asleep in their beds. So most users their target is to gain more followers from these sleep streams. Is that not amazing?

What happens is that the TikTok sleep streamers create a marketing video that they post to their timeline, advertising the sleep stream happening that night.

When the sleeping time comes, they prop their smartphones on their nightstands, crawl under covers and press the live button.

People who watch sleep streams their primary interest is in the chat area section, where they exchange ideas with other followers. It’s a live chat whereby you chat with whoever is online. Otherwise, it’s a real dialogue, unlike where you comment on someone’s post.

The founder of the network effect, Brian Mandler, said that the stream also provides a level of authenticity that a lot of users on the platform currently crave.

The audience likes to know what happens to someone’s private life—so posting a video while sleeping is strange as you get to know what works on social media.

The challenge in this sleep streaming is that no one can sleep the whole night, so when you wake up at one point, your followers will be like “he is awake”. This is a live video and can’t be edited to show people that you slept the whole night.

Many people are stuck at home during this coronavirus outbreak to avoid the spread. Also, many countries have closed schools, bars, gyms, and cinemas, so most people have turned to live streams to prevent boredom.

Compared to last year, many people are spending most of their time on apps as long as they can access the internet. This has proved that most companies can work online and save the cost of renting the office. Technology has played a significant role during this Coronavirus pandemic.