Our technology

Our data relies on Google and it is based on what consumers are searching for. Specifically, it relies on Google Trends, Google News and Google searches. We are able to fetch data from different regions (US included), as far back as up to 5 years prior.

We focus on top of the funnel organic searches, not taking advertising into consideration. This allows us to get a sneak peek into the mind of the consumers and how they think.

The first thing we do with the trend data is analyzing its curve to learn how fast the trend is growing and how it is changing over time.

After that, we use ML clustering to categorize the data. Please look at our models below.

Pace models


The trend has a growing demand. You should track this type of trends.

  • Seasonal growth

    Growing periodically. Likely to increase in demand every year.

  • Sustained growth

    Steady growth over the past years. These trends are safe bets.

  • Rapid growth

    Sudden, rapid growth. These trends might not last.

  • Decline

    The trend has decreasing demand. Forget this type of trends.

  • Seasonal decline

    Decreasing periodically. Likely to decrease in demand every year.

  • Sustained decline

    Steady decline over the past years. These trends are fading out.

  • Rapid decline

    Sudden, rapid decreasing in demand. These trends have already reached their peak and are starting to decline rapidly.

  • Flat

    The trend is not growing and not declining.

    Other models


  • Low

    This trend has a lot of demand and probably saturated. We don't recommend getting in the game now.

  • Middle

    This trend has not peaked in demand yet but it's gradually getting there. You might consider getting in.

  • High

    This trend has not peaked in demand yet. You should probably get your hands dirty.

  • Companies & Products

    We identify trends that are specific to companies and products names. This is a useful feature for investors that would like to track how a brand is growing over time to spot the right time to invest.