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Think about this: if you're Amazon, you can spot trends easily. You have everyone's sales data from the marketplace.

If you're a small company, unless you just happen to have a trendy product on hand, and somehow you just happened to find out, you may never even realize that a trend existed around that product.

Being alerted that there is a sudden demand for a product, might give you a headstart on marketing.

Getting in early is key these days and, just in a few minutes on our platform, you can find a new trend that's worth exploring.
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The case for foot care

April 27, 2020

Here is a topic that is growing in interest: calluses.

Why the trend?

The first reason is that nowadays the percentage of people staying at home has increased, and while at home, people are spending most of their time in sandals or wearing shoes without socks. The more this happens, the higher the chances of developing callus.

The second reason is that, with summer and warmer weather, people go running more. They end up with a common issue for runners, which is calluses. The rough yellowish patches on your feet look ugly, right? It's not comfortable either. Ladies like wearing high heels, but with calluses from running, itโ€™s not pleasing.

The third reason is that, because of COVID-19, people have more time on their hands and more fear of getting sick, so personal care has become a priority.

Home remedies which you can use to treat callus are such as use over the counter pads, soaking your feet, thin thickened skin, moisturize your skin, and wearing comfortable shoes and socks. But, what products can you sell?


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Did you know about the opportunity of selling callus removers and foot peel masks?

We also write about early trends like crossnet, a four-way volleyball game that combines traditional volleyball with four square rules, and that's picking up!

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