No one really knows how search volume works.

In theory, it should be an indicator of how many people search a keyword per month - but it has many problems.

Problem #1: Lack of data

Since 2016, Google asks for money for search volume data. You may notice lack of data in your Keyword Planner account.

Problem #2: Not accurate

Search volume only takes into account adwords data and not organic searches, and since it's mostly an averaged number, it doesn't take into account seasonality, either.

Problem #3: Combined for similar keywords

Keyword Planner combines search volume for similar keywords, failing to capture long-tail keyword search volume.

Our solution


Understand new, organic rising trends at a macro and micro level

At Treendly, we present you rising trends and early-stage concept, products and ideas in different industries and countries.

A powerful search feature

Search a topic or keyword manually in any country and immediately get an understanding of the type of trend and its seasonality.

Save topics in your own private area, monitor them over time and be alerted when they begin trending.

Treendly dashboard

Search any region, see long-tail keywords

For any topic, explore related keywords that people are searching on popular websites like Google, Amazon and YouTube.

We also write about interesting trends. Understand trends in specific industries by reading our in-depth case studies and reports, packed with actionable insights.

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Use Treendly in your research process to find new keywords no one else is covering yet.