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Glass Top Stove Protector

 Rapid growth  💥 Peaking Now   Medium opportunity
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This year this topic peaked 9 times by more than 25%. This topic is peaking now!
The last time it peaked, it began growing on July 19 2020 and has yet to reach its peak, increasing by 56% in the span of 14 days.

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Today this topic was steady compared to yesterday.

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This week this topic was steady compared to the same period last week.


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This topic lost -11.77 percentage points on average, compared to the same period last month.

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590 searches/mo (US)


Average: 10.03%

Average: 42.85%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 0.03%

Average: 19.7%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 0.06%

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