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Topicals For Acne

 Sustained yearly decline  High opportunity   

General search term. Might be referring to topicals for acne.

This year this topic peaked 11 times by more than 25%. This topic didn't peak recently.
The last time it peaked, it began growing on July 19 2020 and reached its peak on August 09 2020, increasing by 90% in the span of 21 days.


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 30 Days
Average: 3.57%

 12 Months
Average: 20.62%
Trend: declining
MOM change: -0.02%
 5 Years
Average: 6.51%
Trend: declining
MOM change: -0.03%

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...my forehead were “fungal acne.” My acne topicals and new skincare routine have...’ve been using the topicals consistently for months and those ...purging” period? My regular acne went through some purging but ... nothing really worked. Her acne was related specifically to cheese ..., it went away. Acne typically starts on the inside ...or more. Candida And Acne: The Gut-Skin Connection Natural ...
Published on 2020-08-25 in the The Alley Beauty Salon forum
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Anyone else experiencing this...I am getting acne all in my hairline and randomly throughout my head 😩😩 I wash my hair every other day and use dry shampoo but the acne started when I got pregnant. I feel so gross about it and makes me anxious to get my hair done next week. Anyone have any topicals that are pregnancy approved ?
Published on 2020-09-22 in the March 2021 Babies forum
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... 31 and having my acne turn into full blown cystic... acne after going on birth control... through all of the topicals , had dermatologists dismiss me with ...m on Sprionolactone with the topicals and my nodules are decreasing. ... for finally taking my acne seriously and wanting to get ...'t struggle with acne , I wouldn't have ... those who suffer with acne but my empathy runs that ...
Published on 2020-10-22 in the r/SkincareAddiction forum
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...! I’m 29F with hormonal acne and combination skin. I had... back. I tried tons of topicals and antibiotics with a derm ... it early this year. My acne rebounded after a couple months, ... red cystic acne that is obviously the least likely to respond to topicals , but it... month ago. (Not pictured: hydrocolloid acne patches and Glycone spot treatment.) ... who have moved on to topicals and find it working for ...
Published on 2020-10-03 in the r/SkincareAddiction forum
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After trying numerous OTC topicals to no avail, I&#...;m assuming that my acne is hormonal in nature. It ... Are there prescription topicals worth trying for my type of acne or should I go...m leaning towards no more topicals that will dry it out ... a lot for hormonal acne . I haven't been ... with treating adult hormonal acne and/or visiting a doctor ... for acne treatments. I'd really...
Published on 2020-09-29 in the r/SkincareAddiction forum
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... gentle compared to other clarifying topicals I've used and... topicals don't help enough, I'd look into acne ...
Published on 2020-10-20 in the r/SkincareAddiction forum
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