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Google Trends is great for researching things you've heard of. Treendly is great for finding things you haven't.

Search your own topics and easily get an indication of their monthly search volume. Save and monitor their trend over time in your own private area.

Read, at your own pace, about rising trends we discover across different countries and industries.

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How we do it

Treendly monitor signals across the internet to identify and track new trends in your industry. Our technology is based on a 4-steps process.

Firstly, it gets data on heavily-searched topics from high-quality sources that we monitor.

Then, it analyzes the data with mathematical functions in order to assess and validate if the topic is actually trending and how significant it is.

Next, it enriches the data with more information about it. Finally, it tries to forecast how the trend will likely perform in the near future based on historical data using the latest technologies available.

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