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Compressed Air Can

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product used for cleaning or dusting sensitive devices that cannot be cleaned using water


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Latest forum discussions

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It's incredible what a shot of compressed air can clean out, in computers or just about anything. I use so many cans of compressed air, I wound up getting a blower so that I don't need to keep buying cans or wasting metal cans etc. It's much more powerful. Compressed air is VERY good for computers!
Published on 2020-08-17 in the General Discussion forum
This discussion is in English.
Can anyone suggest, (in the UK,) of a decent brand of compressed air that... I can use to clean the... I have seen dont specify ''can clean PC components'' just mainly...
Published on 2020-07-01 in the Components forum
This discussion is in English.
... can can't hold enough pressure to contain a significant amount of air... and certainly can't hold enough pressure... to contain liquid air.They use... a mixture of chemicals that can be compressed to... coil in an air conditioner).To do a just-air can, you'd... need a much beefier (more expensive) can.There...
Published in TX on 2020-09-14 in the The Lounge forum
This discussion is in English.
Compressed air, microfiber cloths, electronic brushes (like ... (NOT normal household vacuums which can cause ESD) are fine. Each....If you go with the air compressors, only thing to watch... high is bad.With air compressors or can air, watch for liquid discharge... them. Too high of pressure can either outright break them, work...
Published on 2020-08-26 in the Hardware and Operating Systems forum
This discussion is in English.
I'm cleaning my PS4 for the first time, and I am wondering if there's a way to clean dust without the aid of compressed air can . I have the tools to open up the console.
Published on 2020-08-26 in the PS4 Forum forum
This discussion is in English.
My little boy blowing up a balloon (yes compressed air can be very dangerous)
Published on 2020-06-29 in the aww Forum forum
This discussion is in Unknown.
I do not have compressed air, can I use anything else to clean my pc without damaging any parts?
Published on 2020-08-21 in the PCMasterRace Forum forum
This discussion is in Unknown.
... cloths or compressed air but where you have to use compressed air can you simply... literally just use your own lungs compressed air ? Or... specialist product and avoid warm air that would cause condensation?Sorry...
Published on 2020-07-28 in the PS4 Forum forum
This discussion is in English.