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Ez Bar

Gym & Fitness   Product   Mar   Sustained growth  Medium opportunity   

The EZ Bar is a type of weightlifting barbell that is curved in the middle, allowing for multiple grip positions. It is commonly used for exercises targeting the biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles.
This is a seasonal trend that repeats every March.
This trend is forecasted to be growing in the next 2 years.


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 12 Months
Average: 75.75%
Trend: declining
MOM change: -0.53%
 5 Years
Average: 58.32%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 3.93%

Top reasons why this topic is getting popular

1. Versatile Exercise Options

The EZ Bar allows for a variety of exercises, including bicep curls, tricep extensions, and forearm curls. Its unique shape and multiple grip positions target different muscle groups and provide a more comfortable grip.

2. Reduced Wrist Strain

The curved design of the EZ Bar helps to reduce strain on the wrists during exercises. This makes it a popular choice for individuals with wrist issues or those looking for a more comfortable lifting experience.

3. Increased Muscle Activation

The EZ Bar's curved shape places the wrists and elbows in a more natural position, allowing for better muscle activation. This can lead to improved muscle development and strength gains.

4. Variation in Training

Using the EZ Bar adds variety to weightlifting routines, which can help prevent boredom and plateaus. It allows individuals to target muscles from different angles and challenge them in new ways.

5. Popularity in Fitness Programs

The EZ Bar has gained popularity in various fitness programs, such as bodybuilding, strength training, and group exercise classes. Its versatility and effectiveness in targeting specific muscle groups make it a valuable tool in these programs.

Who's talking about this trend?

1. Muscle Mania (@musclemania)

Bodybuilder and influencer who frequently showcases his muscle-building exercises with the ez bar on his Instagram account.

2. Joe Barista (@joebarista)

Fitness enthusiast and influencer who frequently shares his workout routines and tips using the ez bar on his Instagram account.

3. Lift Queen (@liftqueen)

Powerlifter and influencer who frequently showcases her incredible strength and training with the ez bar on her Instagram account.

4. FitLife Guru (@fitlifeguru)

Health and wellness coach and influencer who frequently posts educational content and workouts using the ez bar on his Instagram account.

5. Sweat Junkie (@sweatjunkie)

Fitness addict and influencer who frequently shares her intense ez bar workouts and progress on her Instagram account.