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live demand report in US


Automotive   Company    Medium opportunity   

Kuat is a brand of bike racks and accessories that has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists.


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 12 Months
Average: 46.85%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 0.65%
 5 Years
Average: 17.32%
Trend: growing
MOM change: 1.81%

Top reasons why this topic is getting popular

1. Innovative Design

Kuat's bike racks feature a sleek and modern design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their products are also known for their ease of use and durability.

2. Versatility

Kuat offers a wide range of bike racks and accessories that can accommodate different types of bikes, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and e-bikes. They also offer add-ons such as cargo baskets and locks.

3. Eco-Friendly

Kuat is committed to sustainability and uses recycled materials in their products. They also partner with organizations such as PeopleForBikes to promote cycling and advocate for better bike infrastructure.

4. Social Media Presence

Kuat has a strong social media presence and engages with their customers through platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. They also collaborate with influencers and athletes to promote their brand.

5. Growing Cycling Culture

As cycling continues to grow in popularity, more people are investing in high-quality bike racks and accessories. Kuat's innovative and versatile products have positioned them as a leader in the industry.

Who's talking about this trend?

1. Kuat Bicycles (@kuatracks)

Official Instagram account of Kuat Bicycles showcasing their innovative bike racks and outdoor accessories.

2. Taylor Guzman (@taylor_guzman)

Fitness influencer and Kuat ambassador sharing her workouts and adventures with her Kuat bike rack.

3. Sheldon Corpuz (@sheldoncorpuz)

Outdoor enthusiast and Kuat ambassador showcasing his Kuat bike rack and exploring new trails.

4. Melanie Bours (@melaniebours)

Adventure photographer and Kuat ambassador capturing stunning photos of her bike trips with her Kuat bike rack.